Creating Creative Safety Programs

Source: ksl.com

Need some ideas on creative workplace safety programs?  Roofers Supply employees spend the first 15 minutes with their Stretch and Flex Program (or, as most refer to it, the Jane Fonda).  The program consists of specifically designed stretches and exercises to help employees warm-up for their physically demanding jobs.  The result?  A substantial decrease in back injuries, strains, and sprains.

Another company, Reid Ashman Manufacturing, has a program called “Caught Being Safe” where employees nominate one another when they witness a coworker doing something safe.  The nominations go in a hat, with winners drawn each month for a gift card to In-N-Out.  On the other hand, employees who are caught being unsafe get a ticket, requiring them to help at the next safety committee meeting.

Workplace injuries can cost anywhere from 5 to 50 times the price of medical expenses and wages for the injured worker.  Safety programs that are integrated into the normal flow of business (including regular reminders) can make a big impact to the bottom line.  For more creative safety ideas, please contact us.
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