How to Make Safety Meetings More Exciting

Source: OSP magazine

Boring safety meetings getting you down? Spice up your safety meetings (and make them more effective) with these three tips.

1. Don’t call it a meeting – call it a conversation.
A name has everything to do with employee reactions. If you change the word “meeting” to “conversation,” your employees know they will be expected to participate, not just observe. Watch their attention level improve!

2. No agendas – just questions.
Rather than going down a rote list of agenda items, ask questions that create discussion of relevant topics or a recent incident.  Just remember to set a timeframe and stick to it.  Keep the discussion on track and stay within your allotted meeting time.

3. Make it hands-on. Get up and walk around.
Make it a walk-around meeting, rather than a sit-and-listen meeting.  If the discussion is about hard hats, for example, have a display table of various types of hard hats. Have another table demonstrate how to properly adjust and clean hard hats.

Changing things up a bit will keep ideas flowing freely and engage your employees to devote more energy to creating and maintaining a safe workplace. For more tips and/or ideas, please contact us.

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