ESG Client Success Story: Fast Food Restaurant Chain, Arizona

ESG Client Success Story
Fast Food Restaurant Chain, Arizona: 370+ Employees across 40 Locations

This company had been in business for 12 years before becoming an ESG client in 2007.  Our team worked with the restaurant chain owners on risk management, directing the vision on managing workers’ comp claims to control costs. ESG’s Safety Director called every manager in each of their stores to set up the proper protocol for workers’ comp injuries. He then trained them on what could be done in the stores as First Aid and identified their problem areas.  Safety posters were sent to each location and the locations with the highest rate of incidence received a personal visit. Per ESG’s persistence, this client established a safety culture that now ensures every new employee at each location is properly oriented to identify the hazards of their workplace, correct unsafe conditions, and report any injury immediately.

Net result: Over $20,000 in annual workers’ comp savings

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