What I Need

Big companies don’t use Human Resources to play defense. They use effective HR strategies to build profits and improve wealth accumulation. With ESG, you can do the same. Tell us what you need.

I need to focus on generating revenue, not HR.

Frustrated with HR problems costing you time – and money? With ESG, you and your team can focus on generating revenue rather than dealing with time-consuming issues beyond your expertise. You can take care of your business, knowing we’ll take care of your employees. See our list of services designed to restore your core focus.

I need help with payroll and benefits.

Is running payroll and administering benefits, pension, and retirement plans turning into a full-time headache? Our turnkey services can put hours back in your day and money back in your pocket. See our list of services designed to give you efficient, compliant payrolls and robust, hassle-free benefits programs.

I need help managing costs – and risks to my business.

What are the clouds on your horizon? Rising healthcare and workers’ compensation costs, compliance with government laws and regulations, the risk of costly litigation - any one of these can endanger your profits, or even the very survival of your business. See our list of services designed to control the costs and risk and protect your assets.

I need the right people.

Are hiring decisions costing you thousands per employee in turnover costs? To outperform your competition, you need to be able to recruit, interview, and select the best employees. Creating a superior – and stable - workforce increases your company's profitability. See our list of assessment, training, and compensation planning services.

I need to increase productivity.

Are absenteeism and lost time eating your profits? Do your people lack crucial skills? If you’re like most business owners, you don’t have the time or the manpower to implement effective strategies to deal with these problems. See our list of services designed to help you make more money with each employee, increasing the profitability and the value of your company.